Thanks for the thoughts Nicolas, and fantastic point.

I think you’re absolutely right, specifically in the case of A-List celebrities and others very frequently in the public eye. It would seem the more one strives for success in visible fields, the more you’re heading towards those challenges.

However, there is the other factor: influence.

Look at how Kylie Jenner’s recent tweet about Snapchat sent their stock tumbling. Or consider the strength of Matt Damon’s involvement in And obviously Arnold Schwarzenegger turned much of his celebrity prowess into political support.

I would say that some people in the spotlight have found ways to use that power to their advantage.

This begs the question: would you trade the aforementioned three for much greater influence?

Art director, tech geek, and house shoe enthusiast. ✖ I write about creativity, personal growth, and productivity, one existential crisis at a time.

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