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Michael LaNasa


A look at the other challenges of doing business.

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At times, the entrepreneurial journey can feel like driving a mountain pass at night. No lights but your own to show the path ahead. You have an idea where you’re going, although the path is only visible a few hundred feet ahead at most.

Alright, enough of the film noir…

It’s time that we face the danger of too many options and unlimited time.

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This might be the first day on your independent journey of self-employment. Or maybe you’re figuring out how to schedule your side hustle around your day job. Well, you’re here, so the term multi-disciplinary must trigger some fireworks in your brain. And that my friend, is most excellent.

The romanticized…


Avoiding too much of something we enjoy most.

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Fresh ideas are one of the most valuable commodities in our world. Forget gold. Ignore cryptocurrency. It’s all about that sweet sweet intellectual property.

We’re all aware of this, one way or another. Think about how much certain tech companies and startups are valued after IPO.

It’s no surprise that…


Counting minutes and not dollars.

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Have you ever asked a child what their definition of success is? Let’s just pretend you haven’t — and likewise, I don’t spend a lot of time interviewing kids about business.

Most will likely tell you something relating to a job title. After all, we all know that age-old question…


The gatekeepers are out to lunch. It’s time to get started.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

If you talk with anyone who launched an online business before 2010, you’ll likely be told that it was challenging and expensive. Reaching people was clunky and cumbersome. Certain tech or apps that we take for granted now weren’t even in their infancy.

But more to the point: it was…


Keep your momentum and reach that launch date.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

How exciting is the process of kicking off a new project? Better yet, a completely new business venture or professional direction? The epiphany that this new idea is hotter than free street tacos on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

You grab a piece of paper. No, wait, a fresh Google doc.


Learning to be empathetic instead of angry.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

If you have grown up as a digital native or even as an ‘old’ millennial like me, you’ve experienced being ghosted. Socially. Professionally. At some point, someone has seemingly left mid-conversation and dropped off the Earth. Or at least, it would seem as such.

This has become very commonplace in…


Jump into the deep end while no one is watching.

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

“You don’t know what you’re doing.”

“You’ll never make any money doing that.”

“People are going to laugh when they find out.”

“What business do you have in that world anyway?”

Do any of these sound familiar?


It’s not you. It’s all of us.

Photo by Tonik on Unsplash

Returning to our social lives after a pandemic has been anything but easy. Putting aside all the concerns about safety and health, there’s a real taxing of energy that has come with it.

Many of us have realized that seeing friends and family, or hosting visitors can be draining. …


A reminder to read the fine print before signing.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Imagine for a moment, that you live on an island. Not deserted but not a bustling metropolis either. Just a small little village of people. Kind of like the cities in The Walking Dead where everyone has banded together to start fresh. (Without the zombies.)

One day you decide that…

Michael LaNasa

Writing for the lost + the found. ‣ One part entrepreneur. Two parts creative. A dash of nomadic irreverence. ✖ Here to support and inspire life-long learners.

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